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RobUs' accounting department provides marketing, strategic consulting and business development services to accounting firms

Robus is a unique consulting firm in the Israeli landscape. The firm has over a decade of experience in advising companies and offices and has special expertise in the field of strategic consulting, marketing and branding for law and accounting firms.

In recent years, and more intensely in the past two years, the accounting industry in Israel has undergone significant structural and business changes. As a result of these fluctuations, an increasing need has developed for accounting firms to receive marketing and business development assistance tailored to the present era (of both analog and digital).

In addition to the ongoing services our company provides, we pride ourselves on our ability to promote complex and unconventional projects ("The Next Hot Thing"). The firm has an extensive network of connections with a number of senior officials in the Israeli economy, including the Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the Israel Bar Association, the Association of Internal Legal Consultants (ACC Israel), media and public relations offices, independent consultants and more. This network of connections, together with proven business and entrepreneurial experience, provides the office the ability to create and promote groundbreaking projects for the benefit of our customers and the business environment in Israel.


Heading the accounting departments is the Robus team, headed by the firm's founder, Adv. Zohar Fisher.

Heading the accounting departments is the Robus team, headed by the firm's founder, Adv. Zohar Fisher.

The accounting department at Robus assists accounting firms, independent accountants and tax consultants to create a high-quality digital fingerprint in order to increase exposure to existing and potential customers and to help build the office brand while keeping in mind the limitations of the professional ethics board of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

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